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Welcome to Mira-Glass!

We develope, produce and license highly innovative glass products for the industry – bent, pane, customized, serial …

Through our own patents we are the only manufacturer worldwide to produce frameless, insulating glass panes and doors with spacers of polished glass! Highest transparency in unbeatable, extremely durable quality!

We produce insulating glass panes customized to your needs.

You have wishes and ideas for a product in glass – we develop and produce it for you!



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    Mira-Glass at the Big 5 in Dubai 2018!

    You find us from November, 26 -29th in Hall 6 Booth E 256.

    - Mira Glass GmbH

About us

Since 2010, Mira-Glass GmbH develops and distributes innovative solutions in glass for a broad range of use – be it for safe and eternal storage of dangerous (poison / radioactive / debris) materials or to-be-preserved goods, be it window panes with flex-ible transparency, be it bent glass panes and frameless insulating glass panes and doors.

We are a small team of specialists, always trying to realize our client’s needs with the technical optimum, acceptable prices and – as the primary goal – in highest quality. In two words: Typical German!

We act as developer, producer and licensor. If you are interested in our products, a license or have an idea you wish to be „made in glass“ – contact us!

We produce – patented and as the sole manufacturer and distributor worldwide – entirely closed glass containments for extreme longtime (infinite) deposit of goods to-be-preserved or for the final and infinite deposition of toxic and dangerous substances, including radioactive materials.

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